bhs inggris maritim

Soal = 1



  Orders to the helmsman, who steers the ship, are given by the officer. The officer orders the helmsman to turn the wheel ( or helm ) to port or starboard and to steady the ship and the new compass course.

The helmsman repeats all orders given to him so that the officer knows that his orders have been understood. When the helmsman hes completed his turn at the wheel, he states clearly the course to be steered to the relieving helmsman.

When the ship is on voyage, the wind and waves as weel as the action of the propeller tend to couse the direction in which the ship is heading the change. The helmsman there fore, must counter the swing of the ship by applying the rudder in the reverse direction of that of the swing of the ship.

An experienced helmsman is able to anticipate how the ship behaves. He is therefore, able to keep the ship on the straight course and to save time on voyage. Most ships are equipped with  gyro compasses, A gyro compass is an electromechanical instrument, but every ship is equipped with magnetic compass the action of which is thependent upon the magnetism of the earth.

The rudder fitted at the stern of the ship is turn by a steering engine. If the steering engine fails, it is necessary to use an emergency steering system with which every ship must be equipped.

Answer :


  Aba-aba untuk juru mudi, yang mengemudi kapal di komando oleh perwira, perwira mengomando kepada juru mudi untuk memutar kemudi ke kiri atau ke kanan dan mempertahangkan haluan pada haluan di compass.

Juru mudi itu mengulangi aba-aba yang di berikan agar supaya perwira juga mengetahuinya yang telah di komando sudah di mengerti, bila juru mudi itu sudah mencikar kemudi tersebut atas haluan untuk di kemudikannya pada juru mudi penggantinya ( applos pengganti )

Ketika kapal dalam perjalanan / pelayaran, angina dan ombak aksi sebuah mungkin dari baling-2 kapal untuk mempertahangkan haluan pelayaran bila mana kapal merubah halan, lagi pula juru mudi harus memperhatikan putaran kapal yang terterah pada radar arah putaran kapal tersebut.

Kecakapan juru mudi harus mampu / bias mengantisipasi apapun yang di kehendaki, lagi pula dia bias mempertahangkan haluan yang di kemudikan dan untuik memperhitungkan waktu pelayaran. Kapal-2 harus melengkapi dengan kompas gyro, sebuah kompas gyro adalah alat perkakas elektro mekanikal, tapi setiap kapal ada perlengkapan dengan kompas magnetic yang mana bekerja tergantung pada magnet bumi.

Mesin dan kemudiharus fit pada pemunduran dan pembelokan oleh mesin kemudi, jika mesin kemudi rusak, dia perlu menggunakan system  kemudi darurat, yang mana setiap kapal sudah menggunakannya.

Soal : 3



The fundamental objectives when cargo is stowed in the ship are :

1.To protect the ship.

2.To protect the cargo.

3.To obtain the maximum use of the available cubic of the ship.

4.To provide for rapid and systematic discharging and loading.

5.To provide for safety of crew and longshoremen at all times.

Answer :

1.Melindungi kapal.

2.Melindungi muatan

3.Untuk mendapatkan nilai maximum menggunakan kubik yang tersedia di kapal.

4.Untuk menetakkan system cepat bongkar muat

5.Untuk menetakkan keselamatan awak kapal dan buru pelabuhan di setiap waktu.



1.Kapal peti kemas mengangkut peti kemas ukuran 20 kaki dan 40 kaki

2.Minyak mentah di pompa ke dalam tangki

3.Tubrukan menyebabkan kerusakan berat di bagian kanan lambung kapal

4.Seluruh ABK telah meninggalkan kapal ketika kapal mulai tenggelam.

Answer :

1.The container ship to load containers with size 20 feeth and 40 feeth

2.Crude oil be pumpe in to the tank.

3.The collision that make it hapy dumiped in the starboard side.

4.All crew members have been abandon ship when the ship going to sink.

Soal : 4

I. Give Concise definition to the given terms

1.Pitching ( Ship in motion ) = Mengangguk

2.Celestial Navigation = Navigasi benda angkasa

3.Short – Sea liner = Pelayaran terdekat / antar pulau

II. Translate in to English

Ship is designed by a naval architect. Big Company have own naval architect. The Dock yard employ naval architect to design a ship for the cliend.

III. Answer the following questions completely in English.

1.Is light vessel an ordinary vessels ?

– yes it is

2.Who is the Chief Mate ?

– the person is in charge cargo stowage,

stability, and maintenance of ship

3.When is the first dog watch ?

– 00.00 – 04.00

4.What are example of odorous cargo ?

– Strong smell cargo

5. Where is the funnel usually situated on board ?

– in the aft.

Soal : 7

I. What do these abbreviation stand for

1.AOR – W =

- Atlantic Ocean Region – West


- Navigation Warning

3.SAR =

- Search And Rescue


- Safety Of Life At Sea


- Global Maritime Distress And Safety System

II.  Fill in : Question, Instruction, Advice, Recuest, information, Warning or Intention in the Space provided as appropriate.

1.Advice  =

- I will enter the fairway

2.Question =

- Do I have permission to enter the fairway

3.Instruction =

- Do not overtake the vessel north of you

4.Information =

- Dangerous wreck in position 15 degrees 35 minutes North, 061 degrees 29 minutes West.

III. Describe the position of ship A, B, C, D, E below

Example = – Ship Z is ahead

- Ship A is Starboard


- Ship B is Starboard


- Ship C is Stern

- Ship D is Port beam

- Ship E is Port Quarter

IV. Change these Sentences into Passive Voice

1.In addition men erect masts and derricks and various item of deck machinery are put in place

2.The electrical work, plumbing and any wood work usually are done by outside company

3.The design of a ship is governed by all economic, engineering and safety factor

v. Translate these sentences into English

1.You have to bewar e of if doing work related to electrics

2.A filter is applied to guarantee so that the oil is clean and not be oleaginous

3.Delivery of radio news is done through radio broadcaster.

Soal : 8

I. Answer the following questions completely in English.

1.Who designs ships ?

- Naval architect

2.What is the most modern type of dry cargo carrier ?

- Bulk carrier

3.Why is it more economical to run one large tanker than two smaller ones ?

- We have to calculate opration fee because more economical if run one large tanker than two smaller ones,

4.When is the second dog watch ?

- 04 : 00 – 08 : 00

5.Who is on duty during the middle watch ?

- 2nd / officer

V.Translate these sentences into eglish.

1.Lampu isyarat di gunakan juga untuk memperingatkan orang tentang suatu keadaan yang membahayakan.

- The signaling lamp is also use to warn the people about dangerous situation

2.Apabila anda ingin tahu berapa besar tekanan yang ada dalam tangki itu, harap di lihat pada alat pengukur tekanan.

- If you want to know about the pressure in the tank please look at the pressure gauge

( barometer )

3.Pada masa yang sulit ini kami di perintahkan oleh nakhoda untuk menghindari pemborosan pemakaian material.

- In this hard phase we are ordered by master to avoid of lavish in using the materials.

Soal : 11

I.      Merchant ships are designed to carry cargo. This cargo maybe devided by into two basic types : bulk cargo and general cargo . Bulk cargo consists of a single commodity is usually carried loose. General cargo consists of a fariety of goods. These goods are parked separately. Bulk cargo is carried in specially designed vessels. There fore stowage presents few problems with general cargo stowage presents many problems because each items has its own type of packaging and characteristic.

1.Answer the questions based on the above passage.

a.Why does stowage of bulk cargo present few problems ?

- Because bulk cargo consists of a single commodity.

b.Why does stowage general cargo present many problems ?

- Because each items has its own type of packaging and characteristic.

2.Find at least three ( 3 ) Passive Voices and Three

( 3 ) Active Voices in this passage, and change them into Active and Passive Voices.

- Passive Voices :

1.Merchant ships are designed to carry cargo

2.This cargo may be devided by into two basic types.

3.These goods are parked separately.

* Di ubah ke bentuk Active Voices:

1.Naval architects design merchant ships to carry cargo

2.We may devide this cargo into two basic types

3.We park these goods separately

- Active Voices :

1.General cargo consists of a variety of goods

2.Bulk cargo stowage present few problem

3.Each item has its own type of packaging and characteristic .

* Di ubah ke bentuk Passive Voices :

1.A fariety of goods are consisted by general cargo

2.Few problems are presented by bulk cargo

3.Different type of packaging and characteristic are owned by each items.

II.Answer the following question s.

1.How can a ship’s position found when out of sight of land ?

- Ship’s position can be found by using satellite

( GPS ) when out of sight of land

2.What other responsibilities of deck department besides navigating the ship safety and economically  from port to port ?

- The other responsibilities of deck department are keeps the cargo from the damage and loose.

3.Why does stowage of bulk cargo present few problems ?

- Because bulk cargo consists of a single commodity

4.Why does stowage general cargo present many problems ?

- Because each items has its own type of packaging and characteristic.


1.To whom does the helmsman repeat the orders he

reseives ?

2.What does a helmsman do when he completes his

turn at the weel ?

3.Who steers the ship ?

4.Mention tho of the factors that cause the direction     of  the ship is change ?

5.How does a helmsman counter the swing of the ship ?

6.what does the action of the magnetic compass depend upon ?

7.What turn the rudder of a ship ?

Answer :

1.To officer, so that officer knows that his order have been understood

2.He states clearly the course to be steel to the relieving helmsman

3.Helmsman is.

4.The helmsman therefore, must counter the swing of the ship by applying the rudder in the reverse direction of that of the swing of the ship.

5.An expenen eed helmsman is able to anticipate how the ship behaves

6.Depend upon the m,agnetism of the earth.

7.By steering engine

Soal = 2



Merchant ships can be classified according to what they carry. Most are designed to carry cargo, but a few still carry passengers. Cargo ships can be divided into two basic types. One type carries dry cargo, the oder carries liquid cargo, how ever cargo an OBO ship is designed to carry both. A traditional dry cargo ship is the multi – deck vessel. Her holds are divided horizontally by one or  two tween decks, because dhese make stowage of individual packages easier.

Dry bulk cargo is carried in bulk carries. These do not have “ TWEEN DECKS “ as cargo is carried loose. The most modern type of dry cargo carrier is the container ship. The carry containers of standard dimensions, consequently stowage is easier. Fruit, meat and dairyproduce are carried in refrigerated ships.

Oil tanker are the must common type of liquid cargo carrier. They are often very large, because huge cuantities of oil need to be transported and one large vessel is more economical to oprate than two smaller ones. Two oder type of liquid – bulk carrier of growing importance are the liquipied natural gas ( LNG ) carrier and the chemical carrier although chemicals can also be carried in drums in general cargo ships .

In comparison Whith cargo vessels, passenger ships are fewer in number and type. The traditional passenger ship is the passenger liner, however many carry cargo as weel. Another type of passenger vessel is the cruise ship. The most common type of it is the verry. Many of them are designed to carry vehicles, there fore these have doors.

Answer :

Kapal niaga bias di klasifikasi menurut apa jenis muatan mereka. Hampir semua di bangun untuk memuat barang, tapi masih beberapa memuat penumpang. Kapal barang bisadi bagi kedalam dua bagian tipe dasar. Satu tipe muatan kering, yang lain memuat muatan cair., bagaimanapun sebuah kapal OBO di bangun untuk memuat keduanya sebuah kapal muatan traditional kereing yang serba bias. Kapal deck, dia punya palka di bagi dengan melintang oleh satu atau dua deck bersusun, karena membuat muatan secara individu mudah tertutup.

Soal : 5


1.Kapal barang umumnya di rancang untuk mengangkut muatang kering dan muatan basah.

2.Mesin jangkar adalah alat yang di gunakan untuk menaikkan dan menurungkan jangkar.

3.Bagian dek bertanggung jawab untuk melayarkan kapal dengan aman dan ekonomis dari pelabuhan ke pelabuhan.

Answer :

1.Cargo ship usually is designed for loads dry cargo andfrize cargo

2.Anchor of engine is thing be used to take up and to take down of anchor

3.As deck department is responsible to be sauld the ship with safe and economis from port to port.


1.What is the main reason of high cost in ship building

2.How is the stowage plan made ?

3.What are the dimensions of containers

4.What is the responsibility of 3rd officer on board ?

Answer :

1.It means is the ship building is very expensif

2.It depends on of the ship and cargo by chief officer

3.Containers is one of the cargo who especially carried by containers ship.

4.The responsibility of 3rd officer on board is responsibility safety equiptment and als on watch in the bridge.


1. Chief officer

2.Head line

3.Starboard hand buoys

4.Monkey ladder

5.Bulk carrier

6.Chief engineer



9.Life boat

10.Muster list

Answer :

1.Chief officer – Is one of the officer deck department who responsibility stowage plane and so the second rank of the muster

2.Head line – Is moring line in the head position from the ship to the harbourd of boalds.

3.Starboard hand buoys – The starboard hand buoys how put in  starboard side we can see from the ship when entering situation.

4.Monkey ladder – Is step ladder usually he used with a pilot a board.

5.Bulk carrier – Bulk carrier is the big of cargo.


7.Free board – Is load have been check it means free every thing

8.Draught -Is mesuering of the ship to knows how much deep in the water.

9.Life boat – is the life saving on board for the safety when the any accident on board, example : Abandon ship, men over board

10.Muster list – Thet’s notice on board to know a

bout the ship and so a bout the rede on board.

II. Give concise definition to following terms.

1.General emergency alarm =

- Alarm is ringing when emergency to assemble all crew in muster station.

2.Muster =

- All crew assemble to muster station when hear general emergency alarm.

3.Escape route =

- From inside accommodation to the outside in emergency

4.Dragging =

- A ship is dragging in harbor and river area only

5.Abandon vessel =

- This is ordered by muster only to leave the ship in emergency.

III. Choose the right answer of the following sentences.

1.The container is designed to carry containers

2.The muster is responsibility for the ship’s, her cargo, and the safety of the crew

3.When preparing to anchor. It is necessary to take to the forecastle a hammer.

4.A traditional general cargo ship has her engine room and bridge super struesude

5.While a cadet is being trained, he is paid by his company.

IV. Translate the following sentences in to good English

1.A general cargo vessel is designed to carry dry bulk cargo and liquid bulk cargo

2.Anchor machine is used for lift on and lift off the anchor.

3.Deck department responsible to navigate the ship safety and economic from port to port.

Soal : 9

I. Give Concise definition to the following terms

1.Chief Officer =

- officer in charge of safety, Stability of the ship, Maintenance, Stowage of Cargo

2.Head Line =

- Line position to the forward bow

3.Monkey Ladder =

- The lader probably is used for emergency when

abandon the ship

4.Bulk Carrier =

- Type of ship to carry or e, grain etc.

5.Chief engineer =

- The person who is responsibility in engine room

6.Free Board =

- Distance between water line until on deck

7.Draught =

- Distance between water line until the keel

8.Life boat =

- One of the saftety equipment on board

9.Muster List =

- The List is used to explan to all crew on board and have duty when emergency.

II. Translate the text in to Indonesian.

“ Situasi Menyilang “

Ketika 2 kapal tenaga haluannya saling bersilangan dan ada resiko tubrukan maka kapal yang melihat kapal lain pada lambung kanannya wajib menyimpangi kapal itu, jika keadaan mengijingkan, hindari memotong di depan kapal itu.

III. Change in to Negative Sentence.

1.Chief Mate doesn’t go to agent office by taxi

2.Mess boy doesn’t wash the napkin every day

3.Chief engineer didn’t go to the city yester day.

4.I didn’t call boatswain last night.

5.He doesn’t get up 04.00 o’clock every day

6.Vessel must not keep clear of this area.

7.I will not pass north of the green buoy

8.Mines didn’t report in this area

9.I am not on fire and have flammable cargo on board

10.I haven’t lost one of my crew.

III.Re – write the following sentences in the four alternative ways.

1.The function of a thermometer is to measure the temperature

- We measure the temperature by using thermometer

- Temperature can be measured with thermometer

- Thermometer is a tool to measure temperature

- The temperature is measured by seaman with thermometer .

2.A fire extinguisher is used for putting out fires.

- We put out the fire by using a fire extinguisher

- A fire can be put out with fire extinguisher

- A fire extinguisher is a tool to put out the fire.

- A fire is put out by the seamen with fire extinguisher.

3.A windlass rises and lowers theanchors

- The anchors are rose and lowered by using a windlass

- A windlass is an equipment to rise and lower the anchors

- The anchors can be rose and lowered with a windlass

- The seamen use a windlass to rise and lower the anchors

4.We measure time with a chronometer.

- The time can be measured by chronometer

- The seamen use chronometer to measure time

- Chronometer is a tool to measure the time

- The time is measured by using a chronometer.

IV.Rewrite this paragraph putting most of the verbs into the passive to make it sound more formal.

When we fit out a ship, we complete her, we put in the engine. If we have not yet installed them we finish off the superstructure and construct the accommodation for the crew. In addition, men erect mast and derrick and put various item of deck machinery in place.

- When a ship is fitted out she is completed and the engine is put in. If we have not installed them, the superstructure is finished off and the accommodation for the crew is constructed. Inaddition, masts and derricks are erected and various items of deck machinery are put in place

V. Answer these sentences with complete answers.

1.Why does stowage of bulk cargo present few problems ?

- Because bulk cargo consists of a single commodity.

2.What do ship owner perform when they decide to

order new ship’s ?

- Ship owner must perform the specification of cargo, the route will be applied and the consideration.

3.Why does stowage of non containerized cargo present problems ?

- Because each items has its own type of packaging and characteristic.

Soal : 12

I. Fill the balanks the following passage with words

provided below.

Much of the work  of the deck department on board  concerns the maintenance of the ship and her  fittings. This is the responsibility of the chief officer. He and She in this charge must protect the ship from the changes sffects of salt water temperature in damaging and the action of waves.

- Her                                – the work

- the chief officer            – on board

- damaging                      – charge

- waves                            – temperature

- changes

Muatan curah kering yang di muat kapal curah tidak bias di simpang di deck bersusun sebagai muatan curah yang tertinggal . Hampir semua tipe kapal  barang moderen ini  yang muatan kering menggunakan kapal peti kemas. Muatan peti kemas yang mempunyai ukuran standar agar mempermudah ruang muatan, buah-buahan, daging, dan produk susu yang di muat di dalam pendingin kapal

Kapal tanker pada umumnya, tipe muatan cair . Mereka biasa sangat luas / besar, karena sangat besar kapasitasnya dibutuhkan bahan bakrr  di transportasi dan salah satu kapal yang sangat besar yang lebih irit untuk mengoprasikan dari pada dua kapal yang lebih kecil, ua di antara tipe dari muatan cair  muatan yang sangat bayak penting di jaga adalah muatan cair alami gas ( LNG ) muatan dan muatan chemical meskipun cemical juga bias di muat di drum di kapal general cargo.

Pada perbandingan kapal cargo, kapal penumpang adalah pada tipe dan nomor golongan terkecil,kapal penumpang yang dulu hanya kapal penumpang pantai, bagaimanapun juga banyak memuat barang sebaik mungkin , pada tipe kapal penumpang lain adalah kapal pesiar pada umumnya tipe ini adalah kapal feri, banyak dari mereka di bangun untuk memuat kendaraan, ada pintu untuk itu.




1.Why are OBO ships designed to carry both liquid and dry cargo ?

2.How do “ Tween deck “ helps stowage of cargo ?

3.Why is the more economical to run one tanker that two smaller ones /

4.Why do general cargo ships sometimes carry chemicals ?

5.Why do passenger liners also carry cargo ?

Answer :

1.Because these make stowage of indifidual pade ages easier

2.Hes holds are devide horizontally by one or two tween decks

3.Because huse cuantities of orl need to be transported and one more large vessel is more economical to oprated than two smaller ones.

4.Because chemicals can also be carried in drums in general cargo ship.

5.Because the most cammon type of it is ferry.


1.The Nautical Apprentices read some nautical books in the bridge.

2.The ships load, and discharge the cargoes at the Quay every day.

3.The Captain instructed to officer on the swatch to observe the bright stars.

Answer :

1.Some nautical books in the bridge was neaded by the nautical Apprenties.

2.The cargoes at the quay every day discharge was loaded by the ship

3.The officer on the watch to observe the bright stars is instructed by the captain.

Soal : 6


1.Pandu tidak dapat naik di stasiun pandu jamuang karena cuaca buruk.

2.Bila pelampung suar berada pada arah melintang maka kami akan berbelok ke kanan.

3.Sesuai persyaratan internasional, semua alat-alat penyelamat harus di periksa dua kali dalam setahun.

4.Indonesia adalah Negara tropis, dan di sini tidak akan pernah turun salju.

Answer :

1.Pilot it doesn’t in to jamuang pilot station because the wether is not good.

2.When life boy lights at the vertical position that we going to swing to the starboard.

3.At  defend’son international rule, all safety equipments should be checked twice a year.

4.Indonesia is tropis country, and here it never going snows.



1.The – crew – the – and – cargo – saved – ship

2.Ship – by – are – trade – type – classified – merchant

3.Out – for – life rafts – keep look – sharp

4.Of – standart – containers – are – large – dimensions – cases

5.Side – on – ladder – port – rig – pilot.

Answer :

1.The ship crew saved and cargo

2.Ship type trade on classified by merchant

3.Keep look out for shap life rafts

4.Standart of containers on large di mensions cases.

5.Port side on pilot rig ledder.


1.Bulk carriers ( is, have, are, has ) large unobstructed holds.

2.Merchant ships ( operates, operating, operated, operate ) as tramps or liners.

3.Liquid bulk cargo is ( carry, carries, carrying, carried ) in tankers.

4.Two new container vessel ( are, will, would, shall ) launched next week.

5.The forecastle is ( situate, situates, situating, situated ) forward.

Answer :






Soal :10

I. Define the Following Terms

1.Classification Society =

- An institute who give a license that the ship is proper to sail

2.Independent firm of shipping consultant =

- A firm which is chose by ship owner to advise hoe should the ship to be built

3.International regulation =

- The rules which must be obey by all shipping company, ship and seamen

4.Ship owner =

- Person or company who own the ship

II.Re – write following sentences into three alternative   


1.The function of a rope sling is to lift bags and bales =

- Bags and bales are lifted by a rope sling.

- We lift the bags and bales with a rope sling

- The bags and bales can be lifted by rope sling.

2.We use derricks to lift and lower havy objects =

- Heavy objects can be lifted and lewered by derricks

- We lift and lower the heavy objects with derricks

- The heavy objects are lifted and lowered by using derricks

3.A heavy lifting beam is used for lifting locomotives and heavy logs =

- Locomotives and heavy logsare lifted by using a heavy lifting beam

- We lift the locomotives and heavy logs with a heavy lifting beam

- The function of a heavy lifting beam is to lift locomotives and heavy logs

III.Create question sentences with the underlined words, use the question words : what, who, when,etc.

1.English is a very important language because it is spoken in the world =

- What is a very important language in the world

- Why is English very important language in the world

2.The seamen attend the safety training every year

- Who do attend the safety training every year ?

- When do the seamen attend the safety training

3.The labors work very seriously

- How do the labors work ?

IV.Answer the following question with your own words

1.Why the cargo tank washed out during ballast passage and free of gas ( in a tanker ) ?

- Because it is to prevent of fire and contaminated by the old cargo

2.What type of maintenance are usually carried out on board ship when she is at sea ?

- The electrical maintenance is the type of maintenance which usually carried out on board

3.Explain clearly the phrases “ to look after “ in this sentences “ Chief engineer looks after not only the main engine but also the auxiliary engines “

- “ To look after ” in this sentence is mean watch out and control.

II. Rewrite this paragraph putting most of the verbs 

into the passive to make it sound more formal.

“ In addition, men erect masts and derricks and put various items of Deck machinery in place, Outside companies usually do the electrical work, plumbing and any wood work “

- “ In addition, masts and derricks are erected and various items of Deck machinery are put in place by men. The electrical work, plumbing and any wood work are done by outside companies.

III. Translate these sentences into English.

1.Kapal TITANIC yang beratnya 46000 ton tidak hanya kapal termodern dan terbesar yang pernah di buat pada tahun 1814 tetapi juga di anggap tidak dapat tenggelam karena mempunyai 14 ruang kedap air.

- The TITANIC with her weight 46000 tons was not only the most modern and the biggest ship which ever be built in 1814, but also considered sinkable because she has 14 double bottoms

2.TITANIC sedang berlayar menyebrangi laut yang sangat dingin yang di penuhi dengan es di ATLANTIC Utara, tiba-tiba sebuah gunung es yang sangat besar muncul di depan kapal, Setelah tanda bahaya di bunyikan kapal TITANIC berbelok tajamuntuk menghindari tubrukan langsung.

- TITANIC was in her voyage crossing the very cold and icy North ATLANTIC Sea, a big iceberg was appear in front of the bow suddenly. She turned to hard starboard to avoid the collision.

3.Tiba-tiba terasa getaran dari bawah kapal dan kapten secepatnya turun kebawah untuk melihat apa yang terjadi. Terdengar suara sangat begitu memilukan, tak seorangpun menduga kapal mengalami rusak berat. Kapten menyadari apa yang dia takuti selama ini benar-benar menjadi kenyataan.

- The tremble came from the bottom of the ship suddenly and Muster went down to know and sea what was happened. The effected sound heard, no body knew that the ship was got a heavy damage. Muster realized what he afraid during the time was come true.

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